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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Openings of a mad...

New day, new experiences. New blog!

So.. I'd been debating about trying these things out, and decided.. why not? I apologize to any and all of you who stumble across this small dusty corner of the web. I can almost guarentee it will be dusty, as I will probably be too busy to use it most of the time. Let's hope not.

Today was bad. I slept late.. or i turned off my alarm clock while sleeping. I hate it when I do that. Regardless I was 20 min late to org chem lab. Nooo good. But, i made it in time for briefing, all I missed was the quiz. It could have been worse, or so I keep telling myself.

Yesterday was so wonderful (except for getting my test back ; _ ; ) So why is today driving me bonkers? I just want to go home. And that's another thing.. who cares if I crappin go home? I guess I should feel loved, because everyone wants me to stay. Everyone except me. And Mike.. ^_^;;

To home i shall go! I just need a break from Auburn sometimes. I guess that's hard to understand. Regardless... life goes on. I think i shall eat some powdered donuts and take a nap.


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