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Thursday, October 07, 2004

I guess I wasn't finished...

Dunno, feel the urge to continue to rant just a smidge.

Perhaps it's the poetry I'm supposed to be reading... Who would actually read this stuff on thier own without being forced to for an assignment? Poetry has never captured my interest. Not even Poe's poetry. Poe's short stories perhaps.. but not his poetry.

Not that I'm against iambic pentameter you understand. I like most lyrics, and lyrics are a type of poetry. (I just noticed that Poe is in Poetry..) Singing, how I miss it. I suppose that's mostly to all my fault. I could find a group to sing with if I so chose. Unfortunately I am a procrastinator. (I.e. I am working on this blog instead of my 1 page poetry journal.)

Bjork, that's a singer. Well, i wouldn't call her so much a singer, as an emotionalist. Ok, I'll try to explain. She sings, yes. But she does more than sing.. she makes you feel her voice. She sounds to me as if she doesn't care, that she is doing what she does because if she did not she would explode. I wish I felt that strongly about something. My strongest conviction is Christ. While i believe it, and i KNOW it to be true.. I feel i do not come across about it as much as I wish I did.. Hmm, more food for my own thought.

I'm feeling so apathetic or blase today. I just wish it was tomorrow.


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