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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Topher Grace is my brother? Or my brother is Topher Grace? Not really, but if you've seen In Good Company...

On a totally unrelated note, my eye is kinda swollen. But the Kashi whole grains cereal stuff is pretty good.

The weekends are totally the worse time to be in Auburn.

Personal notes to self. Pay rent tomorrow. What else was I supposed to do? Oh, prep lab notes and prepare for lab quiz and also management quiz. Dance like a kitty cat, and daydream the possibilities?

Nothing I write makes much sense, but then neither does my brain.

I wish I were prettier, but I should care/try more. But the only time I really try is when I'm am going to see my fiancee.

Eh, I'm just down tonight. Because it's the weekend.


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