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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Yeah so I've totally been studying for Org Chem..
Tonight I went to the Festival of Shorts.. I highly recommend it to anyone who will be in the Auburn area this week, or the first week of Dec. Jonathan is in it as well, and he did wonderful!

But I still miss home. I've not yet decided which it is I miss more about home.. Do I miss home because it's home, or do I miss home because Mike is there? I'm starting to lean more to the latter reason... but it doesnt have to be true.

Ok no more talking about Home.. at least Im going to try not to.
Today I did nothing, but study. I woke up about 10ish.. i studied.. played a lil puzzle pirates, studied some more, went to class, studied in class.. heh, went to festival of shorts, came home, studied, played a lil more puz pir, studied, and now im writing this blog. Im fixing ot go to bed, so Nite loves!


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