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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Well i woke up early this morning so I could register for classes. I got every one I need. ^_^

My sched is not for those who are not morning people. I'm not a morning person but I can cope. MWF i have classes from 7-9 then again from 11-1. Genetics starts at 7, that's before the Transit even runs!! Note to self, ask Heather is she wants her parking decal, if not I'll buy it from her for 5 bucks. Since it only costs 5$ a semester...

I'm actually a little bit excited about next semester's classes. I think I'll have fun. Genetics, Immuniology, A&P2, and Biochem. There are two that I am NOT looking foward to, and two that I am. We'll just see how it all goes down next semester. Org Test tomorrow, I better get back to studying.


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