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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Yesterday was nice, excluding my physics test. I took my deposit money to Walker building, made sure I got a receipt. Went home and sat for a lil while, very akin to a lump on a log. Then I went to Cambridge and studied. Jon Mark met up with me there and we went to the Nicholson's for some Bible study and Chicken soup! We kinda headed out in the middle of prayer and went to Calla Maria's house to watch Before the Sunrise. So I told Calla Maria I'd blog about Before the Sunrise...

As I was sitting watching it, it gave me plenty of time to think. Just recently a friend called me a realist. He said that was why he enjoyed hanging out with me. I just laughed at the comment and didn't pause to think about it.

This movie made me uncomfortable to a degree. It was unrealistic. I wouldn't just get off a train with a stranger I had only known for maybe 30-40 min. I would not kiss someone I had only known for a day. I would not sleep with someone I had only known for a day. Yes the movie was a Romantic movie, but not only in the means of boy meets girl and falls in love, but also in the sense of Carpe Diem. They were seizing the moment and the day.
I made random comments and jokes thru-out the movie because it made me uncomfortable.

And then I began to think about it, I want to be a romantic. Examine the Christian faith; it's all about being Romantic. We have to live for today and not be concerned with tomorrow or anything, because God will take care of us. We need to reach out to our friends now, because they may not have a tomorrow. Believe by faith.

I want to be a romantic, and I used to be one. I think that Mike brings some of that back to me. I lost all my romantic notions after my first relationship. And being with Mike has brought some of them back. Just another of the many reasons I love him. The movie made me miss him, and that is probably the truest reason as to why the movie made me uncomfortable. I think I may have seen just a smidgeon of our relationship on the screen. Definately not to the extent that was portrayed in the movie, but I didn't want to meet him... and something made me take a chance.

I shared my cape, and he shared his hoodie pocket, and we didn't know each other. We held hands to keep warm, or rather I did. And from that letting down of a barrier, a 3 year (almost 4 now...) relationship has blossomed. And as I was telling Jon Mark, there is a lot of faith in this relationship. Faith and trust. Being 4 hours apart is difficult. But it is somewhat fulfilling as well. Because when I come back home, I know that he hasn't seen anyone and he's waited on me to come home. That makes me feel kinda special; he thinks I'm worth waiting on.

And that's how God is too, he waits on us to come to Him, but when we turn He scoops us up and holds us close.

Wow, stream of conciousness, how'd I get off on all this? Ah well.. so there are my views on the movie, and now i have to see the second one. ^_^


  • At 6:26 PM , Blogger MyAshley said...

    My becca, I love the way you think!! I've always thought of myself as a romantic, even if my life is NOTHING like those movies... ;)
    I am SOOOOO excited about you getting into pharmacy school!!! yay you!~! and yay for summers off!!!!


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