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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Back home again! Yay!

Henceforth is my apology to all who have tried to call me since I've come home. I have not carried my cell phone around with me. It's been left here at the house and therefore I have missed all 20-something calls. I would like to say I feel bad.. but I don't. It's vacation time for me. I need a respite from it. Of course that means I've missed G-parent phone calls as well. Oops... hehe. But that's ok cause I've called them and visited. Yay for G-parents!
Let's see.. what to report. I picked out colors for my trailer. Nuetral and earth tones mainly. Blue for the kitchen but it's like an ocean tone blue. Mother approved. I think she was just excited that I showed enough initiative and intrest to go pick something out. I called carpet people and set up an appointment to have the carpet laid. Mike wants a 68 chevy van. Picture the mystery machine.. in solid white. I love him but sometimes he makes no sense. He's wanted a van for so long. And it is his money, and he has good intentions for it as well. It will allow him to cart around musical stuff for his band without fear of it getting wet. It will also give him a hobby on the weekends when I'm not home and he's bored. (Since he leaves his drums elsewhere...) Plus! It will help me move. Ha!
Ok I'm done.


  • At 2:37 PM , Anonymous Trillby said...

    Apology accepted....I guess I shan't try to call you again until you go back to AU. Hmmm, the trailer sounds cool, can't wait to see it. Bye bye.


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