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Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Three Favorite Actresses:
1. Jessica Tandy - I know she's dead, but she had such an undeniable grace!
2. Joan Cusack - Probably because she plays characters I relate to... I dunno, I just like her. :)
3. Jena Malone - She's so dadgum cute. I dunno, I just like her.

My Three Favorite Actors
1. Johnny Depp - He's hot, and an extremely good actor. SRSLY!
2. Hugh Laurie - He's british, he's sexy, and a good actor. Rly!
3. Simon Pegg/Nick Frost - They have to get double billing, because I don't believe that they would be as good starring without the other.

There's a lot of names starting with "J" on that list.


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