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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It's Hump day!
... do you know where your children are?

I always like Wednesdays. Perhaps it's because I usually see people on campus on Wed. (Mondays everyone hides in their own lil Hidey-holes.. no one comes out to play ;_;) But it also has to do with the fact that cell group is tonight. WooT for cell group!

My organic chemistry test was this morning. Thank goodness that's behind me. I don't think I did too well on it.. but it no longer matters. When I got home today Ashley was sick. I ran (well drove,) to wal-mart to get her some sprite. I also typed her 10 page research paper for her. She had it all hand written, so it was no big deal. It only took me 30 min. Sometimes I amaze myself. Like, I typed one whole page without even looking at the screen. I only had two typos. Yay me!

On a sad note, I found out the class average for the Micro test i took on mon was 40/60 which is approx a 66. Not good. He hasn't decided yet wether or not he is going to scale them up. Here's hoping he does!

I still hate organic chemistry lab. only 3 more reports, and 1 problem more in lab due. Which I'm both glad and very worried about. I'm so not doing well in lab. But I will be more than exstatic when it is over. Just the fact that I will never have to worry about organic chemsitry again is reason to smile. If not for the fact that it's Wed, and the fact that T-giving is next week and we get outta school all week long!! Ya hooo!

So This last weekend, when I went home, I talked to Matt at Gamestop.. He said he'd hire me for a month.. I'm so considering applying for the job. I'll go hash it out with him this next week, and fill out an app. It'd be nice to make some extra cash, christmas is just around the corner. It'd also be nice to work there.. I mean, hello! Video games? Yes that is a job for me. Too bad I'd only be making minimum wage. Life goes on. Anyways... off to descipleship and to give Jorge my Charlie Brown videos. ^_^

Hearts Stars and Horshoes!


  • At 12:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    bec-a-bec-a-bec-a-bec-a-bec-a-bec-a boo! Hehe, it's DeeDee. Oh my, I'm rhyming now. Much <3 (and love, too)


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