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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So I just got up, boy am I a lazy bum. I need to study for Biochem. Or rather just memorize 3 chapters of material. But I am tired of studying. Hang on, Poptarts are ready.

So to blog about Becca's life... Where did I leave off? Thurs night when I was not prepared for my A&P test. Well that is all totally my fault, or Trillium's fault. She talked me into staying at Yoshi's Thurs night and hanging out, or Conviving with everyone. I studied some, but not like I should have. But at that point I really felt like either I knew it or I didn't. And Brian M. Showed me something on the PharmCas thing that I was glad to see. Friday, I took my test and didn't feel either wonderful or bad about it. I felt good about the last one and it got me a 79, so I am unsure how to feel about this one. But I got the bonuses right. What are the 3 gradients in a chloride shift model, and what was I doing for Spring Break.

Friday I came home after my test and slept, then went to Immunology. I guess I should stop skipping BioChem, but it does nothing for me. And they don't take roll. I go everywhere else. Hah, I'm justifiying my actions which lets me know what I'm doing is probably wrong. Bah on biochemistry.

Friday night I ended up at Mike and Yoshi's, and I wasn't even planning on going. Ash had some people over so I just left to get out of their hair. Not that I think they woulda cared, but I think it might've made em feel a tad awkward to know one roomie was shut up in her room adn not coming out. 'Sides, no one was at the apt... unless you count James, but quite frankly I do not.

Sunday I went to Victory, and enjoyed the worship. Worship is just fun most of the time. Mon night at practice, Jamie was telling how he felt angry last week, adn felt he didn't come before God with the right heart. I understood what he meant, he says that too often we put on a happy face because we feel that is the "right" thing to do. And Jamie also had a word for me. I don't know about you guys, but when someone tells me they have a word for me, it makes me both excited and nervous. And his word was exact. It fit the situation. Thank you God for being real and knowing about me and caring.

So Sunday evening, i went to the Biochemistry SI session, (I don't go to class but I go to the study sessions.. lol) And I ended up teaching two of the questions.. The SI guy joked about having found his replacement. I don't think so! I don't know the stuff that well.. I just read my Genetics book. Genetics has helped me more in Biochem than anything. Sad, no?

Monday I went to class, and after Biochem (cause I did go) I went to Goodwin Hall and played piano. Wow, it had been a while since I sat down at a piano. I had some sheet music I had printed off from the internet. Relm's theme again, and Eternal Lightwaves (Or Morning Glow) from X2. My left hand was seriously hurting when I left. I think I'm going to go back again... It was fun, heh. I was in that tiny room, with no one but the piano. A lot of solitude. And people are already pestering me about Notes for Immunology.. but that's because the test is the Wed we comeback. I've not typed a single blooming word because I've been busy. But Spring Break should remedy that.

I need to clean this place Thur so that I can leave Fri. Yes, I am my mother's child. ^_^;;

Well I suppose that should sufficiently catch you all up... Or at least it catches me up to sit and type it. Much Love!


  • At 10:49 PM , Anonymous Trill said...

    Hey now! I most certainly did NOT hold a gun to your head and force you to stay, I didn't even beg, which would have been almost as bad. And I DID help you study while you were there, so, no blaming me. "unless you count James, which quite frankly I do not" Hehe....very funny, and very true. Anyway, I enjoyed your blog, see yah later, probably tomorrow. Adios!


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