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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ok, Becca's Blogging Bash!

I just wanted to use "Bash" for the alliteration aspects. 'Cause this isn't really a bash. More just a ramble, that being said.. "Let's get ready to RAMMMBLEEEE!"

To start: XA Spring Retreat!
Whooo! Man, it was really a blast. I enjoyed getting to know people better, and Curt Harlow was absolutely hilarious. It's good to see speakers who can have fun with their life. That shows us that Christianity is fun! Though really, my favorite part (as always!) is worship. Curt was a good speaker, but most of the things he said I've already been through this year and realized. Through my many small random breakdowns, and realizations about God. I was "Amen"-ing him quite a few times, and not only when he was talking about Organic chemistry being from Satan. I mean honestly, i go back through my blogs here, and he seemed to touch on most of it.
Anyways, as aforementioned I sang with the worship team and realized that being on stage didn't matter. I was worried I wouldn't feel free to worship. Hah! I forgot I was on stage a few times. So that theory got bunked. I'm just excited about God continuing to show me new things in the next year.

Next: Roomies
I feel bad for them, bad situation all around. So, all I can do is pray for them that the situation will be remedied and to also present the house to any and everyone to be able to sign a new lease to get roomies out of the old one. Life just isn't fair sometimes. Makes me realize I am getting older. But, as Curt put it this weekend: "God Big." Meaning he can take care of anything, even this. So I've tried to just stay back out of the way and let them and God work it out.

Next: Round Table
Was fun! Yay for round table. THough I don't actually treat it as a place to argue, more like a place to talk to people and have fun and maybe learn something. Tonight I learned that Jess is afraid of me.. Muahahahahah.. I shall strive to use this knowledge for good and not evil. And also that Ben likes the cat ears and thinks I am and individual. Heh.

Next: Pharmacy School
Nothing to report here really.

Next: School School
Test in Immunology on Fri. And now everyone tells me I should have sold my notes to University notes. D'oh! I could have made 5$ a day selling my notes to them since I already typed them up. Why didn't I already know this!! So I sent them to 6 people this time. Last time I just sent them to 3 people. So next time I'm forsure gonna try to sell them to U-notes. We'll see.

Next: Weekend plans
That's righ homies! I'm going home. Me and the boy are going to celebrate V-day this weekend with dead cow. George's Steak house. Aww yeah! I'm excited about some steak. And also we're getting snazzed up for the evening. So I'm not so good at the snazzing up part. And I'm also getting my hair cut on Sat. Trimming dead ends is what we're going for. Not going "full monty" until no one expects it. I like wierding people out like that. Besides I want it slightly warmer before i chop it all off, it's cold without hair.

Finally: Life in general
I'm not sick, I have good friends, Not too much school work to stress over, and going home this weekend. Synopsis: Life is pretty good. And now i think my benadryl is kickin in so I shall sleep!
G'nite Moon!


  • At 12:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    awesome. Hope you have fun with "the boy" this weekend dead cow sounds pretty good. So Jess is afraid of you, how so? Well I'll see you tonight.


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