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Sunday, March 06, 2005

I have fallen in love again.

This weekend, I fell in love with Mike all over again. Perhaps because I was looking foward to it so much, who knows? Friday night, we went and ate at George's. 25$ Steak, and man was it good. But in actuallity, besides the food I didn't much like the restraunt. It was kinda dark, mood lighting and whatnot, but I felt like I couldn't see. And because there were so few people in there it was quiet and I felt like I had to be hushed when talking and all that. Bleh..
... but dang if that wasn't a good steak.

So afterwards, we went back to his house where all his siblings attacked me (not attacked, they called it hugging, but when I'm wearing high heel boots and a skirt, I felt like it was an attack ^_~) and his mother showed off her new tile floor. Then he took me to his room, where he had a "new lamp". Basically it was the broken one from the living room that he fixed with his mad electrician skills. He was so proud of it. Anyways, the lamp had a red bulb in it for "atmosphere". Then he put music on and we danced. And everyone sighs now. It was a good night.

Saturday, my mother has decreed that I need new clothing and we must got shopping. ::sooken like Gollum/Smeagol:: I hates shoppings!
So after 2 dresses, 1 blouse, 3 shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, a bathing suit, and some black dress shoes she finally gives up and takes me home. Mike comes over and my parents, my aunt and uncle and cousin, and Mike and I go to Oh!Bryans. Where the steak was not as good as at Georges. I got catfish though, so it saved the night. Then we headed out to The Filling Station to set up for Mike's gig. Here begins the interesting portion. Jack (the drunk bass player [with low talent in my opinion]) shows up late.. and drunk. Mike and Randy are pissed with good reason. Jack then proceeds to screw up the balence. I may not be a musical expert, but I can tell wether or not it's balenced. Heck, I fixed the sound board, with the help of another gentlemen in the audience. ANd no amount of telling Jack that he needed to turn down his bass because it was too loud was helping. So, after said gig I believe that Jack and Bobby will be gone.. and that will be a good thing for Mike and Randy. I felt bad because I was so incredibly tired. I wanted to hear my boyfriend play. And watching him on stage.. i fell in love with him again. I was watching him singing and I just realized how special he was, and how much I loved him. You would have thought I would have fallen in love with him for being so extra sweet the night before.. but no. It was the night when I didn't get to stand next to him because he was on stage. It was watching him play and watching his face light up (or darken.. hah!) with the knowledge that the band sounded good (or bad.) It was during the breaks when he asked if I was ok, that I looked tired, and that he'd take me home soon. (During Randy's acoustic set which I wanted to hear, but I was so tired.)

Yeah, so I'm a gushy girlfriend. So sue me. He's planning on coming this weekend. And his birthday is Wed. He'll be 24.. four years older than me! For a month at least. Ah well, I'm sleepy I think I shall try to get in the bed. Nite nite everyone!


  • At 10:38 AM , Blogger MyAshley said...

    AW! Fun gushy moments are fun!! you know, even though i don't see mike very much, i like him becca... not that it matters very much, but i do. I'm glad you've got him and that he makes you gush and feel special!!!

  • At 11:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Aww... That's so awesome. Falling in love all over again... and I can see why it wasn't over the mushy dancing. Yeah, all of that is great, but isn't it better to fall in love over something that not everyone can do?... if that made any sense. :)


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