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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I am 16% Idiot.
Friggin Genius
I am not annoying at all. In fact most people come to me for advice. Of course they annoy the hell out of me. But what can I do? I am smarter than most people.

Hah, funny, no? Thanks Jon Mark. Time for a random long(er) update with Becca.

Oh! The weekend was great and wonderful and awesome. For those of you who were hiding under a rock and I didn't tell, Mike came down this weekend. Happy sighs all around. Fri, we did nothing got some grub, chilled at the house and watched Edward Scissorhands. Since we both get up early (and he had to drive) we went to bed early. Then he told me he woke up at 5 on Sat. Good thing he made himself go back to sleep rather than waking me up. Hah!

Saturday after lazing around the house, we ate poptarts and oatmeal. Then we went to the thrift store where we proceeded to get a couple of books, a candle, and... a RUBBER CHICKEN!! That's right folks, I am the proud owner of a minature Rubber Chicken. How to have fun for less than 5$? Go to the thrift store and filter thru junk and buy something random. Then we went back home and goofed off til Blaire and Dustin came over. Friends, Fun, Food and Fajitas! Erm, and Cambridge, which doesn't start with an F. But it was all of awesome. We then watched Hook.. or rather Me, Dustin and Blaire did. Mike went to sleep. He's an old man who's used to getting up at 5 and being in the bed by 10. Poor thing, but he's so cute what can I do?

Then Mike had to leave on Sunday, and I actually did not cry this time. I was sad, but I didn't cry. I did do a lil bit of studying, and unfortunately i missed the convivium at Voss's. But I was looking at my next two weeks and I have too many tests. Josh picked a good week for convivium. I have a A&P test Fri. I have Genetics and A&P lab practical on Mon. Then Biochem on Wed. Then Immunology on Fri. Whew. Crazy.

So, today, I did nothing but sleep and study. My parents are still very much on my back to get the trailer situation worked out, and I am working on it. I've decided to bribe a boy to do it for me with the offer of food. It will be done before the week is out. I went to Cambridge tonight with Cynthia and Trillium. I called Blaire but she was going to Montgomery to eat with her Mommy. I was happy for her too. Cynthia told me great news that lifted my day. We then studied (or attemtped rather ^_^) and random XA folks kept popping in. It's amazing how blessed that makes my day. From the summer where I knew NO one, to now I randomly see people I know.. It makes me happy. Then Trillium came home with me, and I called Heather to get her over here cause I decided to cook those red beans and rice from the box. They weren't bad for a 90 cent box of stuff. Jacob came over as well and we began the Rook indoctrination. He wasn't completly against it, and he did well. I was proud. I've noticed I tend to be proud of my "protegees". Denise, Mike, and now Jacob. Ah well.. Now to find some people at the Azalea home who enjoy Rook... I know they're there.. just to coax them out now.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Montgomery to stay at Steve and Leslie's (and Summerland too!) It shall be interesting. I don't actually know them that well... but that is one thing I have wanted to change about myself this semester. To get to know people and to actually know them. To care about them, to call and check up on them. Boy do I suck at it, but I strive to get better.

Still in loads of prayer about pharmacy school... the longer it goes the freakier I get. Stop thinkin about it Becca! (I only wish it were so easy.. hah!)

Ok, I said I was gonna blog mine and Trillium's convo from earlier today, but I gotta get to studying so this is my reminder for next time: Blog about why you like Science and not math or history.

Have a great week folks! Rest and fellowship together!


  • At 10:04 AM , Blogger MyAshley said...

    I like to think that you would be proud of me too.. even though i don't play rook, after all my years of quiet observance (quiet and not playing because i don't want to get yelled at) I know more than people think I do...
    I miss all you guys!!! all you guys i guess would be you and heather, cause you're the only ones i know... but that's ok, i still miss ya'll anyways!! maybe we can all do something the weekend you guys get out for spring break?? that'll be the weekend before I have to come back, but I'll still be at home!
    anyways, i hope you have a wonderful rest of the week, and get a lot of good studying done (as opposed to the bad studying where you don't really retain anything you just looked at... )

  • At 12:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I told you you weren't annyoying

  • At 12:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I told you you weren't annoying


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