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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Yay for a day to semi-laze in the bed. So the alarm clock went off and I decided to lie there (because i had my cell set for 10:30 to make sure i had plenty of time to get up and do my paper for genetics). And it may sounds slightly strange but I honestly felt the peace of the Lord this morning as i was snuggled down in my blankets. Yeah, it does sound crazy. But it felt as if he was telling me to lie back and rest, and to not worry about my concerns for the day. I don't believe i fully fell back asleep, but it was some of the most nourishing rest I've had recently.

I finished my genetics paper so Huzzah! I should call Trill and go on campus for some free stuff day or something. But I needs a shower. and it's 1 o'clock. After shower, and hair, it will be almost 3 which is time for my lab. Then I'll come back home, and cook a casserole for cell tonight.

Ok, I'm off for a shower which I know i will enjoy. I heartily like hot showers.


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