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Friday, April 29, 2005

Where my Ashley sees a light, I sense a massive cave in.
Why do I say this? Stressors from school are piling up. Plain and simple. Since I've started here in Auburn I've developed a semi-fear of the unknown. Odd, I used to not worry about tomorrow.

Is it perhaps because my whole "livlihood" is riding on the backs of the decisions of a few people? I used to never think about getting older. I shy from it in fact. Now, I am anxious about where I will be in 5 years from now. And 5 years is a drop in the bucket to 40 years from now.

As I told Lauren. Oh the faith roller coaster I've been riding. It feels like a rubber band being twisted and stretched and pulled into all manner of contortions. And after examining, when you get down to the base layer I understand I'm going to be taken care of so it shouldn't matter.

... but I can't help dwelling on it at least slightly.

Genetics is not looking good anymore. I still like the class (minus the 7 am time slot). But I hate his tests. I knew I wasn't prepared for the last test... but I didn't realize i was that unprepared. I should have just slept in and hoped for a remake test. Would that have worked? I might be sitting in a better position had I allowed that to happen. Oh well... if wishes and buts were candy and nuts...
Blaire would be introuble because she's allergic to nuts. Yoshi too. Hah!

I've made it today on simple distraction techniques. I finally got to clean my kitchen and bathroom. And I typed immunology notes from 3 until 7. I took a hot shower (aaaahhhh...) and then got curious when someone drove up in my driveway to drop off some stuff for City fest tomorrow. I'm heading to Yoshi's now for some more needed distraction time.

It's been a long week.


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