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Monday, April 25, 2005

Sigh, Mondays.

Today was just not a good day. I mean, everyone has those days, so it's no big deal, but I'm still feeling pretty pitiful.

It all started with a genetics test that I'm pretty confidant that I failed. Well not failed exactly, but prolly got a C, or maybe even a D on it. Which I cannot afford in that class. Then I proceeded to fail a lab pracitcal in A&P which I also cannot afford.

The highlight of my day was taking some time out for myself inbetween Biochem and Immunology. I threw my backpack down, rolled up my jacket, set my alarm on my phone, and promptly fell asleep. It was an interesting study in comparisons.. The hard ground beneath my back, which has been there, and will be there, and I don't feel it move. It's symbolizes stability. The sunshine that warms me through my clothes which it feels as if my skin just soaks up. Then the slight breeze which felt like small intimate, soothing, caresses. (How many adjectives can i fit in one sentence folks? Heh, sorry.)

To slowly drift away, while i probably should have been studying, was the highlight of my day. And then it's always nice to have friends stop and sit and talk with you. But then you realize you have to go back to your responsibilites.

My birthday was actually ok this year. Nothing major and the only crying I did was when I had to send Mike home. And that was more because I knew I wouldn't get to see him for a while. And maybe a lil for myself because of finals coming up. I had lots of well wishers, and thanks Korel for the note, that was uber sweet of you.

I only have two more days to make study guide for A&P test. THen start to study for the final. And let's not forget preparing the trailer, closing on the trailer, setting up accounts for electricity, gas, etc. etc. etc. (The King and I! ... oh sorry.)

The bed at home is too hard, I have decided. After sleeping on it for four nights my back was sore. And this isn't really the first instance of that. My back usually starts hurting after two nights. Maybe I should look into one of those sleep number beds? Hah.

Oh well, that concludes all my comments for today.. Oh! And Betrayal at House on the Hill is too crazy-fun. My mind has continuously gone back to it all day. Heh. Ok now I'm done.


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