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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Have you ever just had the urge to blog, but haven't? Time constraints, blogger not loading, or just plain nothing to talk about...

So, Liz's wedding. I almost missed it! I told Mike I'd probably be late to my own wedding, to which he didn't disagree. Heh. He, however, shared a part in making us late. Though it was 95% my fault. He gets his portion too. When I'm with him, life seems to slow down, to almost yell out at me to enjoy a slower pace. That and the Ms. Pac Man stand up arcade box in his basement. Though that wasn't what made us late, it was just my desire to lay there with him and not get up. So Liz's wedding, what I saw of it, was beautiful. Of course about the only thing I saw was the kiss. But hey, that's the most important part. Note to self: Copy Liz's idea of the tubs of Jones's Soda. The only thing I even ate at the reception was some of the cake. But that's all you have to eat right? It was just a beautiful day.

And Cody Mc invited us all out to his house that evening. Mike and I were supposed to go see Lords of Dogtown, but I'm just a bad girlfriend. Let me 'splain: I hate crowded movie theatres. Opening night is crowded. Therefore I didn't want to go opening night. And it didn't stay much past, so it was gone when we were going to go see it. I felt like a dog in a dress.

It was both heartwarming and slightly disconcerting to see all my friends from highschool at Cody's. People change, but you sometimes don't realize it til you actually see it. Trevor was smashingly hilarious when drunk. Tyrell was loud and belligerant and slightly annoying. Ta-Lee was sophisticated, but I think part of that was that he wasn't as set out to drink as Trev. Ta knew he had to drive later. Which brings me to the heartwarming part. The fact that my friends are not idiots. They were still looking out for friends of old. No one was gonna let Trev do anything too stupid. And watching Ta-Lee patiently explain to a soused Tyrell how they were gonna drive his car for him and etc, made me glad inside. These are the men that my friends are becoming. They are responsible. I told Ta that I appreciated him, but I don't think he understood.. and perhaps he never will, but that matters not as long as he knows I appreciate him and the person he has turned out to be. Now to find him some cute single auburn chickies when he comes to visit. ^_^

Why can't I sleep in Auburn? that is a whole nother spill. I went to bed last night at 9:30 pm. I ended up getting back up around 12, because I couldn't sleep. I was just laying there, awake. And I was tired. How very annoying this is becoming. It's not that I feel uncomfortable in my trailer. Far from it, or maybe not so far from it... I am very very consious of being alone. To the point where I think this may be causing me to stay awake. Benadryl doesn't work. When my dad was here last weekend and this weekend. I didn't seem to have as much a problem going to sleep. Or with Mike here when he comes to visit. Hmm, how to combat this is the problem. I have no idea! Convince Heather to pay rent on two places.. Yeah right. It's just one more month, I can deal... right?


  • At 10:17 AM , Anonymous John said...

    Hum sounds like your weekend overall was good. And about the sleeping thing have you tried reading (that works for most people), or just play video games all night and tomorrow when you go to bed you'll be dead tired and fall right alseep.

  • At 1:45 PM , Blogger MyAshley said...

    my becca! I forgot to ask you what you thought about emily's hair!!!!

  • At 10:49 PM , Blogger Jon Mark said...

    Becca... I love you. And if you do have a tub of Jones' Soda at your reception, then you know I will definitely be there!!11oneone
    And I appreciate the way that you commented on the night with your friends.
    Hope your hair turned out beautifully!!


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