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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It's been a nice quiet week. No complaints... or at least nothing from the norm. Physics is still a butt.

You know sometimes I think I like my hair long. I'd like to keep it this, and longer.. but then I see Sage, whose hair is mega long and I think of the headache that would give me. Literally. Do you understand how heavy my hair is? But it's nice.

I got my Vitamin D for today. An hour in the sunshine, it does wonders for making you feel kinda rested. Or maybe that's because I didnt open a physics book yet today? And the fact that I kinda followed the notes in class and wasn't lost. Woot!

I miss my home church on Wed nights. And Auburn is extremely quiet in the summer. Not that it's a bad thing, but I got used to the loud and constant stream of the school year. It's funny now to actually get to go to a resturant and sit down. Wait, I've not been to a resturant yet! Or walmart for that matter. Wow. How boring I am.

But water volleyball is fun! ^_^ Hmm, mind dump complete.


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