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Monday, December 06, 2004

Currently listening to: The Natchez Shakers

So Mike, my love, calls me tonight. Ahh, I love his voice. So they will be playing New Year's Eve in Tuscaloosa at Scooters. Now how's that for a Red-neck sounding bar? And No one made it to the Drama practice tonight. Our project has to be done tomorrow.. I suppose we'll see if it goes well. This is gonna be fun.. I love not being prepared >_<

On another note, I did my unknown report for Micro and did another page on my paper! Yay for another page on my paper!

I had the absolute worst caffiene headache/high yesterday. Heather, Jorge, Sarah and I met at Cambridge to study. Jorge bought chocolate covered expresso beans. I also got a large White Christmas coffee... That is Coffee with pepperment and white chocolate. Oh, it was yummytastic! I drank it all, and ate what felt like half of the expresso beans. Oh man! I haven't had that much caffiene in a looong time. So, Auburn is playing Tenn for SEC championship. I go home to write on my paper and study. I go over there during half time. The game begins to go downhill... But Auburn pulled it out. War eagle i guess.

So, we decide to start playing Mafia and everyone goes crazy. I'm glad I can bring somemore converts into the fold. They absolutely loved the game. Muahahahaha. I actually didn't die the first round everytime! When we play at home, if Rebecca survives the night, she's mafia. If She's not Mafia, the mafia kill her first. It's a no win situation for me... except when playing with people who've never played before.. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's crazy how convinving I can be.

So, it's 3 am, and I'm still hyped up on my caffiene high.. so we go to Wal-mart. Ashley, Mike,my buddy not my love, and me. They think it's a great idea to make me try on random outfits. We at least amused the dressing room lady. And perhaps gave her a lil more faith in college students. I told her, since we don't drink they think this is a great way to have fun... She said "Well, you're not killing yourselves or hurting others so its a great idea." Walmart in Opelika at 3 am is very empty. So we get back in the car and I CRASH. I mean.. can't even hold my head up. Now I remember why I don't take in a lot of caffiene.

Well, It's late and I have a semi-long day tomorrow. Nite nite.


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