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Monday, December 13, 2004

P of O.

For those of you who do not know that stands for privilige of oration. That means I can talk now.

So what's been going on with Spazzy? A load of stuff, and since it didn't let me update the other day.. stupid internet.. I will tell you now.

Wednesday night, hanging out at Tater and Mike and Yoshi's. Me and Heather cleaned the kitchen. Massive overhall, but it was right-down sparkling. So, we're sitting there and me and Mike play 3 or 4 games of ERS. Which I dominated at, and still do. I challenge you all to ERS. Prepare to lose. So, Heather had gone home, and she calls me because she got a freaky text that worried her. I told her to calm down, call him back if no reply, call me back and I would call aunt JoAnn. So She calls back, still understandably worried. I call Aunt JoAnn, and apologize profusely for the late hour. It takes almost 2 hours to track down said person and confirm an ok from them. They were drinking.. not that he was SUPPOSED to be doing that. Heather and I discussed it and she has finally come to the conclusion that she doesn't need to see, speak or associate with him anymore. Thank God. I thought that from the beginning, but I respected her wishes. It was a noble and valient effort.

Thursday, I sleep because I had such a late night. And it IS dead day after all. So, I go watch people jump into the creek, and would have jumped as well had I had different pants. And No Mike, your pants would NOT have worked. I take the two Japanese girls home, they won't be back next semester ; _ ;. It was fun while they were here! So Mike and I run into John Creel, we give him a ride. I take Mike back to his house, enter Yoshi. Yoshi rides with me back to campus, then I go to Cambridge to meet with Heather to study. Have I thanked God enough for sending Heather down here with me? Probably not. I wouldn't study near as much without her. It's easier for me to study with someone.. sounding board and all that. So we study, Mike shows up, we study, Robby shows up, we study, Robby leaves, we study, I call Brian Manley, we go pick up notes for Ash. Then I drop heather and Mike off at Mike's car. I take notes home and jump in the shower. God bless the man who invented hot water heaters. Ash gets home from her doctors appt. We talk about doctor's appt for a short while, then I take Brian back his notes and head over to Mike and Tater and Yoshi's place again.

The Kitchen was STILL clean! Yay! So Tater pays for my meal at O Charley's. Rolls, and potatoe soup. Yumm! And Huzzah for Ninja's B-day! College isn't so bad, I do love the people I've met. I love getting to hang out. We go back to thier apartment, a game of Mafia ensues... I show yet again why I rock at that game. I'm so modest... ^_^;;

Let me explain in three rounds. Round 1:
I'm sitting next to Tater, I casually (on purpose.. see, i think things out ahead of time) place my leg over his lap. He gets his card and moves his arms. I casually joke he's mafia because he moved his arms. Not that I really believed it. So get to the end of the cards and there were not enough cards for the people playing. Cards get taken back up... and lo and behold Tater WAS mafia! Hah, I think to myself, now I got one up on him.
Round 2:
Cards are passed back out, and Tater makes no move to move his arms. So he's not mafia this time... Someone peeks at night and cards have to go back up. Tater wasn't Mafia.
Round 3:
Cards are passed back out, Tater moves his arm out from under my leg so I immediately start screaming that Tate is Mafia and I vow to kill him the first morning. Amazingly enough, I do not die. I am not detered. i KNOW Tater is Mafia, so I propse a vote. Heather and Emily vote with me, but it is not enough to sway the masses. We go to sleep and Heather dies. She dies for voting with me. So I propse again that Tater is Mafia.. Meg so sweetly points out that since I haven't died I must be Mafia. Emily thinks meg is mafia.. and since Meg didn't vote for Tater I think it's possible, but I'm not sure. It's either Meg or Charles. We vote on somebody.. i forget exactly what or who.. Jacob maybe? Anyways, nite time again.. I'm singing Thriller really loudly.. but not loud enough thta I miss Tater whispering CHarles. I start screaming I heard that you mafia fiend! Tater is Mafia, and Meg is too! So, Heather's laughing because she knows I'm right. But Travis argues with me, telling me Tater is the night watchman. Lies.. all Lies! So, we kill off Meg, and then Tater and guess who was right. ME! Boo-freakin-yah...

Yeah, I read way too much into that game. And now I'll never get to play again. Because If I'm not mafia I'll die first round, and from now on the townspeople REALLY won't trust me if I survive. Eh, such is life.

Well, then we played some Mau until 4 am. Back home and into the bed. Friday night, Ash decides we should have people come over to eat. She calls Heather, then takes my phone and Calls Tate. So, now Heather, Jacob, Mike and Tater are coming over... and the place is kinda messy.. I don't say anything however, but I get it mostly cleaned up before they get here. We eat, play Spanky's quest (^_^), and then they decide to play Life. I actually won.. but at this point I don't think anyones really into the game.. Everyone but Mike left after the game, and I waited for MY Mike to get down from B-ham. Deshler lost, ; _ ;. So he gets here.. we sit and watch tv for a while, I study. Then we all go to bed. Mike wakes me up the next morning because I have a final at 11. He drives me and drops me off, i take the final then call him to pick me back up. We go back home and I mess around on GTA: San Andreas while he takes a shower. We then head to Captain D's for lunch. I love Captain D's... but only everyonce in a while.

So then we go sit outside in the freezing cold wind for two hours and sell poinsettias for rape counselors. Thank goodness he was there, I'd never have made it by myself. It's Saturday night, he asks me do I want to do anything.. and I think about it.. but I really just want to go home, take a hot shower and mess around on GTA and the three new snes games I got. I finally freakin found Cool Spot! Woot! So we go home and I fall asleep watching him play. Too many late nights for Becca. He wakes me up and sends me to bed, and he goes to bed. Sun morning we get up.. only we don't. We wake up, but decide to be incredibly freaking lazy and so he joins me and we lay around in my room until 1. We just talked and messed around on the internet and the layed around some more. At one we decide we're hungry so we go to Applebee's to eat. A pox on Applebee's for getting rid of the yummy round potatoes! We get back home, burn a mp3 cd for him to take back with him, and he leaves me at 4. I didn't cry SO much, at least not near as much as I do every other time. I then start studying for Org Chem... It's comprehensive.. and all the stuff is still the same from tests before so, oh well.

About 6:30-40 I get the urge to pray for Blaire, so i sit down jot her out a quick email, pray about her and forget it again. She calls me about 9, telling me she just got back into town and just got my email. About that time she jumped in my mind, she was in a major traffic jam caused by a wreck on an overpass. Whew, bad stuff. Glad she made it safe!

John aslo calls me and gripes at me for having my phone off all weekend, and to invite me to dinner. Oops. He's right, Mike comes to town and I forget everything. I forget to study for O Chem, i forget about my phone, i forget about previous priorities/engagements. I say I can't help it.. but really I can, I just don't want to. There are many MANY times I think I'll just quit school, go home and marry him. We'd make it and be happy.. but then I think I'd be more disappointed in myself and never forgive myself. So.. here I stay. Auburn University... >_<

And after making about 10 more pages of organic equations, I took a break to check peoples Xangas and finally post for myself. only two more finals and I get to go home. Hodge tested me about Nisee's x-mas present. And now I've seen pics. Yay! Called Hodge and talked to him about it.. Nisee's gonna freak. But she'll be so happy. I'm happy for her, and him, and me.

Guys, life IS good. God is good, and he blesses me continually with all of you. I have a wonderful God-fearing boyfriend, awesome friends who love me for the spazziness of myself, they accept me faults and annoyances and all. They actually call me to hang out. Heh, they WANT to hang out with me... It's like I'm cool or something. And the chance to get to know Heather better.. Moving off to college wasn't for an education about school... it was for an education about myself. And I kinda do like what I've found. So, good night all, and good luck on finals. I love you all!


  • At 12:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Sounds like you had a buzzy weekend, and I'm glad I've gotten to know you Becca, your spaziness just brightens my day. And I'm glad you're staying here life just wouldn't be the same.

  • At 1:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Spaz, my need to read one of your posts has finally been fulfilled. I salute you.


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