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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Back in MussShoals... and I've slept so well! What is it about coming home and sleeping? Perhaps it's the absence of lights, or maybe just the comfort of relieved pressures.

So I've already heard back from Pharmacy School about my interview. I have been deferred. Everyone asks.. what the crap does that mean? That means it's neither a yea, or a nay. They would like to deliberate about me some more. Here, let me post a reply from Mr. Charles Perry.

Thank you for contacting us. We will be meeting soon to evaluate the status of the deferred applicants. It is possible that some applicants on the deferral list will be accepted before the 15th. Also, if there are cancellations during the early summer, others from the defer list may be admitted.The picture on all deferred applicants should become more clear after the 15th.

It's odd because the night before i suddenly had the feeling I would be deferred. And sure enough I was. Then last night I suddenly had all this peace that I would be accepted. Heck, my intuition was right one time, let's hope it's correct the next!

So yesterday, I'm snoozin in my bed, when my grandmother comes up the stairs into my room. I'm like "Whaa?" So I jump in the shower and she takes me to town. Then she buys a bed set and pillows for my new room in my trailer. Then she also buys me 50$ worth of shoes, and would have done way more damage had I allowed her. I didn't want anything in the first place, but you can't tell grandmother's that. So I started thinking last night, I went out with Mamaw J on one day, Mamaw D will have to be Thur.. and she will be harder to convince than Mamaw J. I know I know.. you wonder "Why in the world don't you take the free stuff and run!?" Blame it on my concious. Same reason I can't just let Mike buy stuff for me.. but I tell you I'm gettign better. I started thinking of that one day and Mike does it out of a desire to "provide". He's male, and that's his primal instinct of showing care and emotion is to buy stuff for me. And he has a job and the income to do it so.. I sometimes let him.. Like I said I'm workin on it.

So folks, continued prayer for the Pharmacy school dealio. And, I like strawberry frosted poptarts. Yumm...


  • At 9:10 AM , Anonymous Liz said...

    You have a trailer? Awesome, Becca! I'll make sure to send some prayers your way...


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