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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Thursdays. Sleeping til 11. Oh the joy! Today is also my cleaning day, and since Ash's mom and g-mother are coming i feel the urge to scrub... But she said I shouldn't because they would do it for us. Oh the indecisiveness.
Typing my immunology notes is good studyage for me, and honestly once I start typing I have no problem continuing, it's getting started that gives me problems. How sad is that?
Man I like hot showers, yummy yummy! And speaking of yummy, the fellowship dinner is tonight. Wonder if Sage will actually come? She said she'd feel bad...
I like to dance when I'm alone. I hate to say it, but a very Cameron Diaz dance scene from Charlie's Angels. Including the cute undies. Yes, I like to show other girls my cute undies, am I (well, besides Denise who also shows me her cute undies..) the only girl that does this?
Im excited for Spring Retreat, I'll get to actually meet other people in XA, and get to know some of the ones I know better. Not to mention the fact that I'll be getting some great God time.
I should pack today, good thing I have my bag still from going to gatlinburg. What do I need to pack? Eeeee, I'm not sure.

Ok, enough mindless ramblings, I go to pack and to clean.

p.s. Hi Aunt Debbie! Momma said she sent you my site. Yes, there are lots of typos, yes there is bad grammer... Sorry ^_^;;


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