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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I've had the urge to blog for two days now, but have been unable to do so because of busyness of stuff. Blarg!

I got all my immunology notes typed, so go me. The test is tomorrow. Boo. And while I should study today, it's too busy to study! Oooooh, what an idge i am for not working over spring break. I said I would, but did I? Nooo. I'm selfish.

My true desire to blog came because of last night though. I volunteer with the Rape Counselors, and the pager went off with a call. Heather was in class, so I went to the hospital... with nothing on me. But I figured being there was more important than anything. Let me just say, "Wow." My eyes were opened to quite a few things last night. And not just the state of moral decay in the world. After it was all over, I had 4 or 5 missed calls. So I started calling people back. The only person that I wanted to talk to was Mike. (Ta says it's because it was an emotional ordeal, and we are very emotionally bound... when did an AE major become and expert on phsyc?) Unfortunately his phone was being 'tarded and wouldn't ring. And my phone was on silent so of course i missed it when he called back.

I cant even verbalize my thoughts about last night. Or write them here really. The poor thing went against her mother's wishes in reporting it anyways, which pisses me off. A mother should support her daughter... especially at a time such as that! I'll call her back in a few days and see if she's made any contacts with counselors and etc.

It's amazing what guys will do because they are "bigger and stronger" than females. I guess that's why i was somewhat surprised I wanted Mike so bad, because as a whole I was kinda pissed off at males last night. No offense, but it's difficult to look at a guy the same after hearing a story such as the one i heard last night.

Blaire called, yay! I think I'm going to jet over there and chill with her for a moment.. hopefully I'll have time. Genetics lab at 3. and it's one now.. if I drive... I should be aight. Later friends!


  • At 8:32 PM , Anonymous trog said...

    There is nothing I can say that will redeem us men for everything that a few imbeciles do.


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