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Friday, April 08, 2005

No genetics tomorrow.. No 7 AM class... No walking across campus twice (just once...)

So, I missed the front door tonight. Well, only half of it. Heather got paged with someone at the hospital (crazyness, second victim in a week. Some people work there for many months before they go to the hospital, I've been twice in one week.) and she asked me to go with, so I did. We met up with most of the people later at Niffers, and it sounds like I missed some fun times. Not only did he call me "Barefoot Becca" (after I slipped out) and comment on my bunny ears (that Trillium was wearing) but he also pulled my rubber chicken up on stage.

Oh yes, and let's all have a moment of silence for Renaldo. Robby killed him.
He was the best thrift store rubber chicken I ever had.

Happy birthdays to all those who apply. Man there are many this month. Yosh's was Wed. Sarah's was today. Ta's is the 19th. Jamie's is the 20th. Tater's is the 30th. And i'll be old this month too. It's surprising to me how many friends bdays I remember. I've strived to call/email/post/talk to everyone on thier prospective bdays. Sorry if I've missed someone.

Sometimes I just feel old. I mean.. everyone seems to be getting married off. Some are having kids! Noooo! And it was apparently 80's music night at Niffers and I knew every song that came on.. OOoh, that reminds me, Robby said look up Stone Roses. So I shall.

I asked Mike if he could come down to auburn on the weekend of the 30th instead of the 16th because the weekend of the 16th is woman's night and megan's lingerie shower. He got really pouty and quit talking. Siiigh, I knew he would. and almost exactly 30 min later I got a text message saying he was sorry for acting stupid, and he loved me. To which I replied "I know. You were excited about coming down and were getting your hopes up to only be told that you wouldn't get to come. I'm sorry too. And I love you." Wow I miss him so much, this long distance thing has been a stretch many times.

But there's no one like him out there. The completeness he makes me feel. The way he treats me. The beliefs he holds.
Gyah, I'm lucky.


  • At 10:03 PM , Blogger Wim said...

    OOoo! Can I have dibs on the weekend of the 23rd? You'll turn 21 the proper way (and I'll take pictures so you'll remember *grin*) heh, j/k.
    P.S. OOooold!


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