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Friday, July 01, 2005

Late nights and Physics HW.
I hates hates hates Physics!

I know I'll make it thru this class fine, but its so annoying right now. I'm going home this weekend. Huzzah for July 4th! When I come back I will have a CPR class. Why'd I let my CPR lapse? It woulda been easier had I kept it up. Ah well, I shan't complain!

Lately I've been in this awful state of Lethargy. My trailer isn't dirty. There are no dirty dishes, and I vaccumed the floor and swept.. but it's cluttered and I have no desire to clean it up. Here is a run down of my days. Wake up(9ish-10ish), Go to class(11:30-1ishMWF or 12ish-3ish TT), Go to study (3ish-7ish), then Bible study on Tue and Thur and Fri when I'm in Auburn.

It both does and doesn't sound busy... I guess that's why I haven't gotten up with anyone like I was planning on doing this summer. I always say, "Next week'll be different. I'll call So-and-so..." or "I'll cook for some people!"

It hasnt' happened yet.. and I'm not holding my breath.

Did I mention that I hate physics?


  • At 7:19 AM , Anonymous John said...

    Don't hate physics, physics is good. Maybe a little confusing at times but it's not that bad. If you must hate the teacher or the class but not physics. With out it there'd be no nuclear power/weapons, no gravity (j/k it'd still be there we just wouldn't know it), there wouldn't be a NASA or any space exploration, there wouldn't be microwave ovens, no electricty, no light bulbs, phones, cell phones, and so on and so forth, I mean hey Spaz if you want to hate physics then I suggest you trade you car in for a horse and carrige, and if you want to leave this country take a big wooden boat that will take a month or more to get anywhere.


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