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Monday, September 12, 2005

It's kinda nice to come home to a kitty cat who berates you for being gone all day...

I could never be a bulemic, I don't do so well with gagging myself. But after I did last night I was able to sleep. Amazing how it wasn't the caffiene keeping me up, just the nausea.

I want to go home. But on second thought... This weekend may be a good weekend to go visit the sibs.. if they're free. No wait, Mammalian test on Monday. Scratch that idea... or maybe not. We'll just be considering it. Though I enjoyed the family reunion, it wasnt really enough. You can't replace home I guess. I have simply been in Auburn too long.

I do however know the first 2 sections of my mammalian notes backwards and forwards. Now if only DAD were the same way!

I am getting tired of dressing up everyday. Is it odd that I feel more comfortable with the P2s than I do with my own classmates? Maybe because just as I am starting to feel discouraged I realize that I will make it. Heh, insert cheesy motivational comment here. I have an 8 o'clock in the morning. Boo for starting the day off with Dr. Berger. He's schmoozy. At least I read the stuff last week.

Such superficial inane drivel. Is there no sustenance to my daily activites?
::thinks for a moment...::

I guess I live my life through my relationships with others.. not with my relationship to the computer. You can tell it's midnight because I'm not making sense.


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