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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce...

I have arthritis in my right-hand ringer finger joint. It's rather strange. Yesterday it was swollen to about the size of a grape. Visibly larger than my left hand ring finger joint. It was stiff, and had a dull ache. I could not bend it easily.
I do not recall jamming my finger. Not that it isn't likely. I very well could have. I am quite accident prone. My mother said it could be gout, but i went on a kind of tirade about me being female (estrogen promotes uric acid removal,) that the weather isn't cold enough, and it's my finger not my toe!

Of course, I accept that it was still a possibility. But as a general rule, 23 year old females with healthy kidneys don't get gout. :D Anyways, the swelling has gone down, but the finger is weaker and still aching.

I find myself addicted to the graffiti application on facebook. However, my favorite app is still probably the NES games app.

I did not study for my pharmacy management class again. This time, I got an 85. I wonder if this would work for Drugs and Diseases course? Ha!

Notes to self: pay rent, grab ipod.


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