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Monday, December 13, 2004

Currently listening to: Well, it's been an 80's day today jumping from AC/DC to Guns and Roses to Iron Maiden to Foreigner and right now its Cross Town Traffic by Jimi Hendrix.. which isn't 80s but eh...

I just got back from the Chrisis Center. Answering phone calls, oh joy. I talked to my mom tonight, and I got my PCAT scores back. Over-all percentile was 80% or maybe a mite higher. Praise God for decent scores. Maybe I actually WILL get into school.

So I hit my head earlier today right? It STILL HURTS! Im talking, throbbination here folks. And WHen I went to go make the PB and J sammich.. we had no jelly! Arggination! So I undid all of my SNES stuff and took it with me to the center. I have no more finals to study for technically. World lit.. but that's one of those, you've read the novels or you haven't.

Todd told me today that I was in for Panama City. Yay! It'll be great to be able to Praise God with all my old friends. How I miss the shoals... ::wipes away a tear:: And that's not a metaphysical tear, a real one. And everyone that reads this, pray for my roommate. She got BAD doctor reports back, and they were showing that she has kidney failure. She's having a tough time of it, and mostly because everyone wants to ask her about it. She's kinda like me.. if she's feeling bad or having a tough time, she wants to ignore it until She's ready to examine it. She hates for people to bring it up. So if/when you read this, put her on your list, pray for her, but if you see her DO NOT bring it up. I could not live the life she has to live.

Feeling slightly down, and it must have something to do with this DAD-BLAMED HEADACHE that won't go away. I must have given myself a concussion. That would be funny.. and a very Becca-like thing to do. Clumsination! So I may try to go to bed now, even though i have nothing for tomorrow..

Please healer, come and take my headache away. Touch my roommate, father. If you deem it not in your will to heal her body, then heal her heart and her emotions. Give her peace and strength it takes to go through this trying time. Give me the patience to deal with her, because I understand she's scared and hurting, but not able to show it. I love you, Daddy! And I know you're in control.


  • At 11:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wow I'll keep that in mind for prayer. Good job on the tests. I like all the ination's throught out the post. Hey if you're not doing anything tomorrow Tater, Ninja, and I will be here playing Worms for a bit if you would care to grace us with your all spazzy presence.

  • At 11:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    By the way that was John sorry forgot to type my name.


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