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Sunday, January 23, 2005

I officially resign from any more "Scene it" games. I figure it's good to remain undefeated. At least that's Tater's philosophy about playing me in speed. Hah. Give it up to me and Floor for rocking that game tonight. Actually the funnest part was getting to hang out with K*Fizzle, Sarah, and everyone else.

So my first experience with D&D was today. It was interesting. Definately funny. Lots of laughs, both during and then later as small things would pop up in conversations. (Green dress! Green headband!) It did help to keep me from thinking about home. I need to stop procrastinating. It's awful. Just shoot me. I'm scared. I have fears about school and not qualifying. Not being accepted. Unfounded? Josh was talking about thoughts and breaking the hold of certain trains and such. I think Satan's definately trying to use this stuff against me.

So much on my mind, and now that I've started thinking, I wish I were home so that I could stop thinking. I hate growing up and I hate responsibility. Who cares how well I handle it?

Ok, it's not that. I suppose it's mainly insecurities, and the fear of failure. I never struggled with this in high school or at home. Mediocracy was fine by me. But it's not anymore, and I don't know why. CRAP! I forgot again to call for letters of recommendation. I'll never get them to Samford on time now..


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