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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I'm 20. Or so I keep telling myself. So is it ok to bawl like a 3 year old when my parents leave? Deep inside I know it is, but my brain tells me to grow up. Well, a certain rude gesture to my brain, I'mma do what I want!

So last night in cell we did Spiritual gifts. My top scorers were Faith and Helps. Had to look up the definition for Helps. It is: "Helps enables one to assist people in routine ways that are supernaturally enhanced by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The helped person has the impression that they have been touched by God." Leadership, knowledge, wisdom and pastoring were all tied up there.

Faith, how important it is to me, and yet sometimes I take it for granted that not everyone has it. It is so fundamental to everything in life. Small and big alike. Faith in my friends, faith in my teachers, faith in my nose, faith in my car, not-so-much faith in my NES because it is a fickle beast, but faith in almost everything else. Most importantly faith in God. I was reading last night in Matt 16, and Jesus asked his desciples "Who do you say I am?" and Peter answered him and said "Jesus the Christ." And then Jesus said, "for flesh and blood haven't revealed this to you, but My Father in Heaven." (Excuse the paraphrase ^_^) So, Peter it was revealed to Peter from God and not Jesus... and Jesus was standing in front of him. Peter's faith in God is what opened his eyes. So God reveals things to us daily... dude how cool is that?!


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