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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well, I have been married for a week now. (Technically, at 3pm I will have been married for a week. But who's counting?)

Vegas was pretty amazing. And Mike admitted to me he wasn't so sure about the whole idea until after it was done. He said, (and I quote:) "You did pretty good." Yeah :) However, I can't take all the credit as most of the trip was planned by our wonderful travel agent, Ms Diane. (Note to self: Email Diane pictures)

As we were driving back from the airport, Mike and I were discussing how this was a trip of firsts:
My first trip to Vegas.
My first time getting married.
My first... well, wedding night, if you know what I mean ;D
My first time to gamble... and lose
My first time to get drunk. (Don't worry we were already back in the room for the evening!)

There were others that I just don't recall this morning. All-in-all, it was a once in a lifetime trip.

And now that we're back in Sheffield... the work begins. Mike didn't think to clean his apartment before he left. Let's just say, he doesn't keep house like I do (Understatement!). To give him some credit, it's not that bad. He just hadn't got around to buying any decent storage/furniture. When you have no dresser to put the clothes in they tend to lay around on the floor.

Sunday I devoted to only laundry. I figured I was tired from traveling and that was about all I could handle. It's amazing the difference doing only laundry will make. 6 loads later, and I can see his floor. There was some other straightening here and there, but I tried to keep it at a minimum for both of our sakes. Yesterday evening, his grandmother helped us to get an armoire (sp?) which was a pretty big help. One side now holds towels and bed linens, the other holds jeans and in the bottom drawer are t-shirts. Still no good place for his work clothes (or my clothes.. eep!) but it's a start. Now we need a Bookcase, two bedside tables, another dresser wouldn't hurt, and either a larger DVD rack or another one because all his DVDs don't fit in the one he has.

On a sad note, i shattered one of our souvenir champagne glasses. Doh! It was totally my fault. After washing dishes I propped it on top of all the glasses that were drying, and then I jumped or something on the kitchen floor which vibrated it off into the sink and it shattered. I'm hoping I can find another on Ebay or something because I would really like to replace it.

Ok, enough typing. I need to get ready for work!