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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wow. Prophetic evangelism anyone?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ok, so I said I'd post tomorrow. But it's today, so can I really post?

That reminds me of fourth grade, when I could start rambling about the fact that tomorrow doesn't exist and neither does yesterday and blah blah blah. I could talk for 30 min straight without stopping. Could I still do that now? Some days, yes.

I feel as though there isn't too much to elaborate on right now. Ryle hara... Life is what it is. Liringlas, not evlish, for anyone who was curious.
I still very much so would like to do pharmacy as a career, but in all honest truth, I hate school. I don't believe I've ever hated school so much before. I like learning what I am learning, honest I do. Maybe it's the pressure of classes or what. I don't know.

I never realized how much I compared myself to others until this year though. Or maybe I never did compare myself to others until this year. I don't like to compare myself. I was created as I am for a purpose, for a reason. It should matter very little what others think. And honestly, I'm not worried so much about what others think, as I am concerned with what I think. Does that make sense? No.

I'm ready for the semester to be over, and scared to death of what will happen when it is over. I think I'm coming to grips more with things... until I get my last mammalian test back. We'll see what happens then. It's not that I'm not trying, but that I'm tired of having to.
Tomorrow blog...
Now, bed.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Le sigh...

Found a new tv show to be addicted to, Dog The Bounty Hunter. ^_^

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mental Dump v1.47

I didn't want to come back to Auburn. I'm the opposite of Trillium, being gone made me realize how happy I was to not be here. First summer I was here, it sucked. I knew no one, I tried to know no one. Then fall semester, I found my niche. Great Fall, better Spring, O.K. Summer.. (keep in mind that was Physics summer..) start pharmacy school. I lost my niche. It is gone. It has left me and I can't find it. I have been trying. I no longer see the friends I made. Very randomly and rarely.

Four wheelers are fun. If my dad doesn't end up buying the one he's borrowing, I shall buy him one after I graduate.

Four hours of thinking time in the car, and I'm still bemuddled.

My grandparents are amazingly strong people. A lot of the times I feel as if I don't know them, and when I'm with them.. I don't have to. They're just there for me because.

I wish I could have kept the 98, instead of the 48. I didn't regain any sleep over correcting him, so what good was it really?

I feel like my joy is slipping away, but how can that be? If I'm where I'm supposed to be... I need a break from school... soon, very soon.

Best family vacation I ever had was a cruise when I was 15.

I feel sorry for breakin down on my parents this weekend. But it's hard to be happy perky sometimes when you just aren't. Though most of the time, no one knows the difference.

My cat missed me, and berated me when I came home. Oddly enough, I missed him this weekend too. Home wasn't the same without him.

I'm feel like i'm slipping, with nothing to grip.

...maybe Trill'll be up for IHOP.