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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Have you ever just had the urge to blog, but haven't? Time constraints, blogger not loading, or just plain nothing to talk about...

So, Liz's wedding. I almost missed it! I told Mike I'd probably be late to my own wedding, to which he didn't disagree. Heh. He, however, shared a part in making us late. Though it was 95% my fault. He gets his portion too. When I'm with him, life seems to slow down, to almost yell out at me to enjoy a slower pace. That and the Ms. Pac Man stand up arcade box in his basement. Though that wasn't what made us late, it was just my desire to lay there with him and not get up. So Liz's wedding, what I saw of it, was beautiful. Of course about the only thing I saw was the kiss. But hey, that's the most important part. Note to self: Copy Liz's idea of the tubs of Jones's Soda. The only thing I even ate at the reception was some of the cake. But that's all you have to eat right? It was just a beautiful day.

And Cody Mc invited us all out to his house that evening. Mike and I were supposed to go see Lords of Dogtown, but I'm just a bad girlfriend. Let me 'splain: I hate crowded movie theatres. Opening night is crowded. Therefore I didn't want to go opening night. And it didn't stay much past, so it was gone when we were going to go see it. I felt like a dog in a dress.

It was both heartwarming and slightly disconcerting to see all my friends from highschool at Cody's. People change, but you sometimes don't realize it til you actually see it. Trevor was smashingly hilarious when drunk. Tyrell was loud and belligerant and slightly annoying. Ta-Lee was sophisticated, but I think part of that was that he wasn't as set out to drink as Trev. Ta knew he had to drive later. Which brings me to the heartwarming part. The fact that my friends are not idiots. They were still looking out for friends of old. No one was gonna let Trev do anything too stupid. And watching Ta-Lee patiently explain to a soused Tyrell how they were gonna drive his car for him and etc, made me glad inside. These are the men that my friends are becoming. They are responsible. I told Ta that I appreciated him, but I don't think he understood.. and perhaps he never will, but that matters not as long as he knows I appreciate him and the person he has turned out to be. Now to find him some cute single auburn chickies when he comes to visit. ^_^

Why can't I sleep in Auburn? that is a whole nother spill. I went to bed last night at 9:30 pm. I ended up getting back up around 12, because I couldn't sleep. I was just laying there, awake. And I was tired. How very annoying this is becoming. It's not that I feel uncomfortable in my trailer. Far from it, or maybe not so far from it... I am very very consious of being alone. To the point where I think this may be causing me to stay awake. Benadryl doesn't work. When my dad was here last weekend and this weekend. I didn't seem to have as much a problem going to sleep. Or with Mike here when he comes to visit. Hmm, how to combat this is the problem. I have no idea! Convince Heather to pay rent on two places.. Yeah right. It's just one more month, I can deal... right?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

I went to the Methodist church this morning. I enjoyed the lesson, out of Leviticus. About the Tresspass offering.

My dad is in AU this weekend. Yay! It's nice just having someone else in the trailer. I know the main reason he came down was so he could watch the race and the bball game tonight and it not be as far to Atlanta. And he came to see me too. ^_^

I am excited about The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe being made into a movie. I've watched a few trailers and to be honest it looks beautiful. I'm going to reread it, and actually finish the series this time.

Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I have a great boyfriend, even if he gets angry, and doesn't think before he speaks.

He still had to call back.

::gooshy grin::
It's been a nice quiet week. No complaints... or at least nothing from the norm. Physics is still a butt.

You know sometimes I think I like my hair long. I'd like to keep it this, and longer.. but then I see Sage, whose hair is mega long and I think of the headache that would give me. Literally. Do you understand how heavy my hair is? But it's nice.

I got my Vitamin D for today. An hour in the sunshine, it does wonders for making you feel kinda rested. Or maybe that's because I didnt open a physics book yet today? And the fact that I kinda followed the notes in class and wasn't lost. Woot!

I miss my home church on Wed nights. And Auburn is extremely quiet in the summer. Not that it's a bad thing, but I got used to the loud and constant stream of the school year. It's funny now to actually get to go to a resturant and sit down. Wait, I've not been to a resturant yet! Or walmart for that matter. Wow. How boring I am.

But water volleyball is fun! ^_^ Hmm, mind dump complete.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Yesterday was nice, excluding my physics test. I took my deposit money to Walker building, made sure I got a receipt. Went home and sat for a lil while, very akin to a lump on a log. Then I went to Cambridge and studied. Jon Mark met up with me there and we went to the Nicholson's for some Bible study and Chicken soup! We kinda headed out in the middle of prayer and went to Calla Maria's house to watch Before the Sunrise. So I told Calla Maria I'd blog about Before the Sunrise...

As I was sitting watching it, it gave me plenty of time to think. Just recently a friend called me a realist. He said that was why he enjoyed hanging out with me. I just laughed at the comment and didn't pause to think about it.

This movie made me uncomfortable to a degree. It was unrealistic. I wouldn't just get off a train with a stranger I had only known for maybe 30-40 min. I would not kiss someone I had only known for a day. I would not sleep with someone I had only known for a day. Yes the movie was a Romantic movie, but not only in the means of boy meets girl and falls in love, but also in the sense of Carpe Diem. They were seizing the moment and the day.
I made random comments and jokes thru-out the movie because it made me uncomfortable.

And then I began to think about it, I want to be a romantic. Examine the Christian faith; it's all about being Romantic. We have to live for today and not be concerned with tomorrow or anything, because God will take care of us. We need to reach out to our friends now, because they may not have a tomorrow. Believe by faith.

I want to be a romantic, and I used to be one. I think that Mike brings some of that back to me. I lost all my romantic notions after my first relationship. And being with Mike has brought some of them back. Just another of the many reasons I love him. The movie made me miss him, and that is probably the truest reason as to why the movie made me uncomfortable. I think I may have seen just a smidgeon of our relationship on the screen. Definately not to the extent that was portrayed in the movie, but I didn't want to meet him... and something made me take a chance.

I shared my cape, and he shared his hoodie pocket, and we didn't know each other. We held hands to keep warm, or rather I did. And from that letting down of a barrier, a 3 year (almost 4 now...) relationship has blossomed. And as I was telling Jon Mark, there is a lot of faith in this relationship. Faith and trust. Being 4 hours apart is difficult. But it is somewhat fulfilling as well. Because when I come back home, I know that he hasn't seen anyone and he's waited on me to come home. That makes me feel kinda special; he thinks I'm worth waiting on.

And that's how God is too, he waits on us to come to Him, but when we turn He scoops us up and holds us close.

Wow, stream of conciousness, how'd I get off on all this? Ah well.. so there are my views on the movie, and now i have to see the second one. ^_^

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Monday, June 06, 2005

So if you hadn't read it on Liz's and Dee's blogs: This weekend was such a blast!

Friday night, my mom had a b-day dinner for herself so me and Mike headed out the door with semi-plans to go see Lords of Dogtown. Denise and Hodge called and we ended up going to the dollar-fifty theatre to see Hitch. Much better if you ask me. I'm a big fan of the Dollar-fifty theatre. Don't get me wrong, I wanna see Lords of Dogtown.. but I didn't want to fight the crowds. So when I come back home for Liz's wedding on the 25th we'll go then. After the movie we went to Krispy Kreme. Ahh, blissful. Only.. it was very very late when we got home.

So the next day is Sat, and Rob (Mike's friend) is having an engagement party and our get together with Liz is also on Sat night. I'm fidgity and excited. So I made another Penis cake. Huzzah for Penis cakes! So we sat at Ruby Tues for awhile. I almost felt bad for the other families who had come to eat dinner because we were loud and giggly like... Middle school kids. Heh, the memories that were all brought up. And to be sitting in Liz's basement again. Though it was smaller than I remembered... And besides, anytime I can talk about Mike I'm happy.

I'm just glad to see everyone is happy. I know I'm much happier. It would be nice if I were closer to home. Could we just pick Auburn up and throw it down on top of Moulton? Nothin happens in Moulton. It would be alright.. wouldn't it? and it'd be an hour closer to home for me.

Physics. Blech. Ta-Lee I owe you a drink.. or two! Sigh, it's not nice. Physics I mean. Ta-Lee is. Lol. There's a reason he's my hero!

I am in love with Mike. Telling "our story" this weekend to the girls, just reminded me how special he is to me. And oddly enough, he was talking about how everyone appears to be getting engaged or married and is flaunting it in his face. Rob, Liz, even the girl at his church. He then tried to play down what he'd said, but he'd already said it. I didn't know he felt that way about it. Surprised me a lil bit. But then he profusely reminded me that that was fine and he'd wait for me. Heh, I wasn't worried about it.

School. I'd like a break.