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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Back in MussShoals... and I've slept so well! What is it about coming home and sleeping? Perhaps it's the absence of lights, or maybe just the comfort of relieved pressures.

So I've already heard back from Pharmacy School about my interview. I have been deferred. Everyone asks.. what the crap does that mean? That means it's neither a yea, or a nay. They would like to deliberate about me some more. Here, let me post a reply from Mr. Charles Perry.

Thank you for contacting us. We will be meeting soon to evaluate the status of the deferred applicants. It is possible that some applicants on the deferral list will be accepted before the 15th. Also, if there are cancellations during the early summer, others from the defer list may be admitted.The picture on all deferred applicants should become more clear after the 15th.

It's odd because the night before i suddenly had the feeling I would be deferred. And sure enough I was. Then last night I suddenly had all this peace that I would be accepted. Heck, my intuition was right one time, let's hope it's correct the next!

So yesterday, I'm snoozin in my bed, when my grandmother comes up the stairs into my room. I'm like "Whaa?" So I jump in the shower and she takes me to town. Then she buys a bed set and pillows for my new room in my trailer. Then she also buys me 50$ worth of shoes, and would have done way more damage had I allowed her. I didn't want anything in the first place, but you can't tell grandmother's that. So I started thinking last night, I went out with Mamaw J on one day, Mamaw D will have to be Thur.. and she will be harder to convince than Mamaw J. I know I know.. you wonder "Why in the world don't you take the free stuff and run!?" Blame it on my concious. Same reason I can't just let Mike buy stuff for me.. but I tell you I'm gettign better. I started thinking of that one day and Mike does it out of a desire to "provide". He's male, and that's his primal instinct of showing care and emotion is to buy stuff for me. And he has a job and the income to do it so.. I sometimes let him.. Like I said I'm workin on it.

So folks, continued prayer for the Pharmacy school dealio. And, I like strawberry frosted poptarts. Yumm...

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Your Boobies' Names Are: Beavis and Butthead

So Mike just left. It was a great fantabulous weekend! He told me as he was leaving it was the best weekend ever. Siiigh. But my house is clean, and I have black shoes for my interview... And.. and.. new cards for Cambridge! Whee! Ok, that's all I feel like saying right now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So it just so happens to be Wednesday.. and I got to talk to my Mommy and Daddy! Yay. Let me explain.. they are on a cruise. Boo on them.

And in other good good news, I got an interview for Pharmacy school! Huzzah! It's the Monday of Spring Break.. Boo. But Mike is coming to visit this weekend because I can't go home. Huzzah!

So who knows, everything's gonna turn out great. I think i shall open my bottle of sparkling grape juice to celebrate (of course I've known about the interview since tue evening.. but I'm thirsty now.) 'Sides, I'll just make Mike buy me more when he comes down this weekend.

I desperately need to clean my room. I cleaned my bathroom two days ago, so it needs doing as well.. (What can I say, I'm OCD about it people, but at least it's only the bathroom.)

I do not know enough about the Terri Shivo case to voice my opinion. I found (through Ta-Lee) lots of bloggies from old friends on Live Journal.. (A pox on you Live Journal! And Xanga as well I guess..)

Well, I'm off to pee. You all have a wonderful night.

(check out that ADHD tonight folks, it's acting up bad!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So I just got up, boy am I a lazy bum. I need to study for Biochem. Or rather just memorize 3 chapters of material. But I am tired of studying. Hang on, Poptarts are ready.

So to blog about Becca's life... Where did I leave off? Thurs night when I was not prepared for my A&P test. Well that is all totally my fault, or Trillium's fault. She talked me into staying at Yoshi's Thurs night and hanging out, or Conviving with everyone. I studied some, but not like I should have. But at that point I really felt like either I knew it or I didn't. And Brian M. Showed me something on the PharmCas thing that I was glad to see. Friday, I took my test and didn't feel either wonderful or bad about it. I felt good about the last one and it got me a 79, so I am unsure how to feel about this one. But I got the bonuses right. What are the 3 gradients in a chloride shift model, and what was I doing for Spring Break.

Friday I came home after my test and slept, then went to Immunology. I guess I should stop skipping BioChem, but it does nothing for me. And they don't take roll. I go everywhere else. Hah, I'm justifiying my actions which lets me know what I'm doing is probably wrong. Bah on biochemistry.

Friday night I ended up at Mike and Yoshi's, and I wasn't even planning on going. Ash had some people over so I just left to get out of their hair. Not that I think they woulda cared, but I think it might've made em feel a tad awkward to know one roomie was shut up in her room adn not coming out. 'Sides, no one was at the apt... unless you count James, but quite frankly I do not.

Sunday I went to Victory, and enjoyed the worship. Worship is just fun most of the time. Mon night at practice, Jamie was telling how he felt angry last week, adn felt he didn't come before God with the right heart. I understood what he meant, he says that too often we put on a happy face because we feel that is the "right" thing to do. And Jamie also had a word for me. I don't know about you guys, but when someone tells me they have a word for me, it makes me both excited and nervous. And his word was exact. It fit the situation. Thank you God for being real and knowing about me and caring.

So Sunday evening, i went to the Biochemistry SI session, (I don't go to class but I go to the study sessions.. lol) And I ended up teaching two of the questions.. The SI guy joked about having found his replacement. I don't think so! I don't know the stuff that well.. I just read my Genetics book. Genetics has helped me more in Biochem than anything. Sad, no?

Monday I went to class, and after Biochem (cause I did go) I went to Goodwin Hall and played piano. Wow, it had been a while since I sat down at a piano. I had some sheet music I had printed off from the internet. Relm's theme again, and Eternal Lightwaves (Or Morning Glow) from X2. My left hand was seriously hurting when I left. I think I'm going to go back again... It was fun, heh. I was in that tiny room, with no one but the piano. A lot of solitude. And people are already pestering me about Notes for Immunology.. but that's because the test is the Wed we comeback. I've not typed a single blooming word because I've been busy. But Spring Break should remedy that.

I need to clean this place Thur so that I can leave Fri. Yes, I am my mother's child. ^_^;;

Well I suppose that should sufficiently catch you all up... Or at least it catches me up to sit and type it. Much Love!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

So not ready for this test...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I am 16% Idiot.
Friggin Genius
I am not annoying at all. In fact most people come to me for advice. Of course they annoy the hell out of me. But what can I do? I am smarter than most people.

Hah, funny, no? Thanks Jon Mark. Time for a random long(er) update with Becca.

Oh! The weekend was great and wonderful and awesome. For those of you who were hiding under a rock and I didn't tell, Mike came down this weekend. Happy sighs all around. Fri, we did nothing got some grub, chilled at the house and watched Edward Scissorhands. Since we both get up early (and he had to drive) we went to bed early. Then he told me he woke up at 5 on Sat. Good thing he made himself go back to sleep rather than waking me up. Hah!

Saturday after lazing around the house, we ate poptarts and oatmeal. Then we went to the thrift store where we proceeded to get a couple of books, a candle, and... a RUBBER CHICKEN!! That's right folks, I am the proud owner of a minature Rubber Chicken. How to have fun for less than 5$? Go to the thrift store and filter thru junk and buy something random. Then we went back home and goofed off til Blaire and Dustin came over. Friends, Fun, Food and Fajitas! Erm, and Cambridge, which doesn't start with an F. But it was all of awesome. We then watched Hook.. or rather Me, Dustin and Blaire did. Mike went to sleep. He's an old man who's used to getting up at 5 and being in the bed by 10. Poor thing, but he's so cute what can I do?

Then Mike had to leave on Sunday, and I actually did not cry this time. I was sad, but I didn't cry. I did do a lil bit of studying, and unfortunately i missed the convivium at Voss's. But I was looking at my next two weeks and I have too many tests. Josh picked a good week for convivium. I have a A&P test Fri. I have Genetics and A&P lab practical on Mon. Then Biochem on Wed. Then Immunology on Fri. Whew. Crazy.

So, today, I did nothing but sleep and study. My parents are still very much on my back to get the trailer situation worked out, and I am working on it. I've decided to bribe a boy to do it for me with the offer of food. It will be done before the week is out. I went to Cambridge tonight with Cynthia and Trillium. I called Blaire but she was going to Montgomery to eat with her Mommy. I was happy for her too. Cynthia told me great news that lifted my day. We then studied (or attemtped rather ^_^) and random XA folks kept popping in. It's amazing how blessed that makes my day. From the summer where I knew NO one, to now I randomly see people I know.. It makes me happy. Then Trillium came home with me, and I called Heather to get her over here cause I decided to cook those red beans and rice from the box. They weren't bad for a 90 cent box of stuff. Jacob came over as well and we began the Rook indoctrination. He wasn't completly against it, and he did well. I was proud. I've noticed I tend to be proud of my "protegees". Denise, Mike, and now Jacob. Ah well.. Now to find some people at the Azalea home who enjoy Rook... I know they're there.. just to coax them out now.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Montgomery to stay at Steve and Leslie's (and Summerland too!) It shall be interesting. I don't actually know them that well... but that is one thing I have wanted to change about myself this semester. To get to know people and to actually know them. To care about them, to call and check up on them. Boy do I suck at it, but I strive to get better.

Still in loads of prayer about pharmacy school... the longer it goes the freakier I get. Stop thinkin about it Becca! (I only wish it were so easy.. hah!)

Ok, I said I was gonna blog mine and Trillium's convo from earlier today, but I gotta get to studying so this is my reminder for next time: Blog about why you like Science and not math or history.

Have a great week folks! Rest and fellowship together!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hah! There are two posts.. identical in nature. But I ask of you, which is the real post?
I feel as if I should "blog", but I feel as if I have nothing to say.
Random facts from my life this week:
I love my boyfriend.
I made a B on my immunology test. Think how I'd do if I'd actually study... ^_^;;
I got tired of Internet Explorer crapping out so I downloaded Mozilla which is working out fine.
Mike's birthday was today.
Josh's too.
I have a random pimple on my chin that is annoying me.
I get to go hang out at the retirement home on Thurs!
I got a free Cheng Du meal and fun conversation tonight.
Mike is coming this weekend.
I have been a bad student this week.
My cold hasn't gone away.
Next week there is no XA, except for dinner parties.
I love my boyfriend.

I guess that's all. Good night, Moon.
I feel as if I should "blog", but I feel as if I have nothing to say.
Random facts from my life this week:
I love my boyfriend.
I made a B on my immunology test. Think how I'd do if I'd actually study... ^_^;;
I got tired of Internet Explorer crapping out so I downloaded Mozilla which is working out fine.
Mike's birthday was today.
Josh's too.
I have a random pimple on my chin that is annoying me.
I get to go hang out at the retirement home on Thurs!
I got a free Cheng Du meal and fun conversation tonight.
Mike is coming this weekend.
I have been a bad student this week.
My cold hasn't gone away.
Next week there is no XA, except for dinner parties.
I love my boyfriend.

I guess that's all. Good night, Moon.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I have fallen in love again.

This weekend, I fell in love with Mike all over again. Perhaps because I was looking foward to it so much, who knows? Friday night, we went and ate at George's. 25$ Steak, and man was it good. But in actuallity, besides the food I didn't much like the restraunt. It was kinda dark, mood lighting and whatnot, but I felt like I couldn't see. And because there were so few people in there it was quiet and I felt like I had to be hushed when talking and all that. Bleh..
... but dang if that wasn't a good steak.

So afterwards, we went back to his house where all his siblings attacked me (not attacked, they called it hugging, but when I'm wearing high heel boots and a skirt, I felt like it was an attack ^_~) and his mother showed off her new tile floor. Then he took me to his room, where he had a "new lamp". Basically it was the broken one from the living room that he fixed with his mad electrician skills. He was so proud of it. Anyways, the lamp had a red bulb in it for "atmosphere". Then he put music on and we danced. And everyone sighs now. It was a good night.

Saturday, my mother has decreed that I need new clothing and we must got shopping. ::sooken like Gollum/Smeagol:: I hates shoppings!
So after 2 dresses, 1 blouse, 3 shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, a bathing suit, and some black dress shoes she finally gives up and takes me home. Mike comes over and my parents, my aunt and uncle and cousin, and Mike and I go to Oh!Bryans. Where the steak was not as good as at Georges. I got catfish though, so it saved the night. Then we headed out to The Filling Station to set up for Mike's gig. Here begins the interesting portion. Jack (the drunk bass player [with low talent in my opinion]) shows up late.. and drunk. Mike and Randy are pissed with good reason. Jack then proceeds to screw up the balence. I may not be a musical expert, but I can tell wether or not it's balenced. Heck, I fixed the sound board, with the help of another gentlemen in the audience. ANd no amount of telling Jack that he needed to turn down his bass because it was too loud was helping. So, after said gig I believe that Jack and Bobby will be gone.. and that will be a good thing for Mike and Randy. I felt bad because I was so incredibly tired. I wanted to hear my boyfriend play. And watching him on stage.. i fell in love with him again. I was watching him singing and I just realized how special he was, and how much I loved him. You would have thought I would have fallen in love with him for being so extra sweet the night before.. but no. It was the night when I didn't get to stand next to him because he was on stage. It was watching him play and watching his face light up (or darken.. hah!) with the knowledge that the band sounded good (or bad.) It was during the breaks when he asked if I was ok, that I looked tired, and that he'd take me home soon. (During Randy's acoustic set which I wanted to hear, but I was so tired.)

Yeah, so I'm a gushy girlfriend. So sue me. He's planning on coming this weekend. And his birthday is Wed. He'll be 24.. four years older than me! For a month at least. Ah well, I'm sleepy I think I shall try to get in the bed. Nite nite everyone!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Me Love You Long Time by ruby mae
Your name
Your partner
You two areMeant for eachother
Your meeting was byDestiny
They are yourBest Friend
You are theirSweetheart
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Ok, Becca's Blogging Bash!

I just wanted to use "Bash" for the alliteration aspects. 'Cause this isn't really a bash. More just a ramble, that being said.. "Let's get ready to RAMMMBLEEEE!"

To start: XA Spring Retreat!
Whooo! Man, it was really a blast. I enjoyed getting to know people better, and Curt Harlow was absolutely hilarious. It's good to see speakers who can have fun with their life. That shows us that Christianity is fun! Though really, my favorite part (as always!) is worship. Curt was a good speaker, but most of the things he said I've already been through this year and realized. Through my many small random breakdowns, and realizations about God. I was "Amen"-ing him quite a few times, and not only when he was talking about Organic chemistry being from Satan. I mean honestly, i go back through my blogs here, and he seemed to touch on most of it.
Anyways, as aforementioned I sang with the worship team and realized that being on stage didn't matter. I was worried I wouldn't feel free to worship. Hah! I forgot I was on stage a few times. So that theory got bunked. I'm just excited about God continuing to show me new things in the next year.

Next: Roomies
I feel bad for them, bad situation all around. So, all I can do is pray for them that the situation will be remedied and to also present the house to any and everyone to be able to sign a new lease to get roomies out of the old one. Life just isn't fair sometimes. Makes me realize I am getting older. But, as Curt put it this weekend: "God Big." Meaning he can take care of anything, even this. So I've tried to just stay back out of the way and let them and God work it out.

Next: Round Table
Was fun! Yay for round table. THough I don't actually treat it as a place to argue, more like a place to talk to people and have fun and maybe learn something. Tonight I learned that Jess is afraid of me.. Muahahahahah.. I shall strive to use this knowledge for good and not evil. And also that Ben likes the cat ears and thinks I am and individual. Heh.

Next: Pharmacy School
Nothing to report here really.

Next: School School
Test in Immunology on Fri. And now everyone tells me I should have sold my notes to University notes. D'oh! I could have made 5$ a day selling my notes to them since I already typed them up. Why didn't I already know this!! So I sent them to 6 people this time. Last time I just sent them to 3 people. So next time I'm forsure gonna try to sell them to U-notes. We'll see.

Next: Weekend plans
That's righ homies! I'm going home. Me and the boy are going to celebrate V-day this weekend with dead cow. George's Steak house. Aww yeah! I'm excited about some steak. And also we're getting snazzed up for the evening. So I'm not so good at the snazzing up part. And I'm also getting my hair cut on Sat. Trimming dead ends is what we're going for. Not going "full monty" until no one expects it. I like wierding people out like that. Besides I want it slightly warmer before i chop it all off, it's cold without hair.

Finally: Life in general
I'm not sick, I have good friends, Not too much school work to stress over, and going home this weekend. Synopsis: Life is pretty good. And now i think my benadryl is kickin in so I shall sleep!
G'nite Moon!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It WAS a great weekend, and I will get around to posting about it.

But right now, this is me... trying not to worry.