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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why can I not sit down and study?

A question that plagues me endlessly. I do care about school, but I lack so much motivation. And endocrine is haaard.

Yet, it is interesting... if I just didn't have 150-some odd pages to memorize in four days... :(

Monday, October 15, 2007

Yay Disney Music classics!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ah lolcat bible, how you see me through the day....

Weekends suck. Period.

Funny how you can learn so much material, and still know so little. But such is the nature of medicine... specifically pharmacogenomics. I think part of what makes it worse is that "they" don't know everything. Kinda irks me when I stop to think that most of the material I am learning now will be outdated in a couple of years or so. They still make such a big deal out of it now.

In my opinion, the main thing they should be teaching us is how to do successful research, and to understand what we're reading. Basics in chemistry (and all that metabolism) is good, too. But guidelines are continuously morphing, new drugs are synthesized, and old drugs are discontinued/ or given for completely different disease states. I wish I could know it all, but I never will. With good research skills, I can look up anything I need to know though.

I'm keeping the roomie's dog this weekend, and I have broken out into hives both nights. Guess we know I'm allergic to dogs (which I already knew.) I've been debating about doubling up on the zyrtec. It's supposed to be dosed q24, but it wouldn't hurt me to do q12. I mean after all, I have hives right now. Itchy itchy. Funnily enough, we're studying antihistamines right now. Oh, and pulmonary. Yay pulmonary.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce...

I have arthritis in my right-hand ringer finger joint. It's rather strange. Yesterday it was swollen to about the size of a grape. Visibly larger than my left hand ring finger joint. It was stiff, and had a dull ache. I could not bend it easily.
I do not recall jamming my finger. Not that it isn't likely. I very well could have. I am quite accident prone. My mother said it could be gout, but i went on a kind of tirade about me being female (estrogen promotes uric acid removal,) that the weather isn't cold enough, and it's my finger not my toe!

Of course, I accept that it was still a possibility. But as a general rule, 23 year old females with healthy kidneys don't get gout. :D Anyways, the swelling has gone down, but the finger is weaker and still aching.

I find myself addicted to the graffiti application on facebook. However, my favorite app is still probably the NES games app.

I did not study for my pharmacy management class again. This time, I got an 85. I wonder if this would work for Drugs and Diseases course? Ha!

Notes to self: pay rent, grab ipod.